Types of Vegetarians

What is a vegetarian? We have this talk a lot in my house. My daughter is a self-proclaimedĀ vegetarian. I think that is her way of getting out of eating her dinner šŸ™‚ When someone says they are a vegetarian I … Continue reading

Spinach and Kale Spring Salad

Our spring break is over so we are getting back to our regular routine. I love the spring, new growth, fresh colors and lots of veggies growing in the garden šŸ˜€ Strawberries are one of my favorite spring fruits. When … Continue reading

Chocolate, Is it Good for You?

Chocolate DarkĀ chocolateĀ contains phytochemicals that may aid in the prevention of heart disease.Ā Ā When looking for darkĀ chocolate, read the label to make sure that cacao is the first ingredient on the list rather than sugar. Chocolate is considered a functional food ingredient.Ā Ā Cocoa … Continue reading

Red White and Spinach Pizza

I have been trying to add more meatless meals into our week. It is always nice to add a new meal without any complaints, so I thought a veggie pizza would be a good one to try šŸ˜€ Ā The kids … Continue reading

Strawberries and Cream Cheesecake Pancakes

I find that some foods I just can’t eat by themselves…cottage cheese is one of those. Ā Let me backtrack….my husband normally does not like to go food shopping with me, which is perfectly fine with me. I set out with … Continue reading