Obesity tops hunger as global health crisis – IFT.org

This headline really makes me sad.  It is sad to see children who are so overweight that they can’t run and play, or when they do they don’t have the endurance to play for every long.  It is sad to realize that parents will outlive their children, all due to obesity.  It’s a child’s early nutrition that determines their health in later years.  It takes 10-20 years to develop heart disease and sadly many children have a head start. 😦

It is the parent that is control of their child’s health. Children are too young to know that junk-food is bad for them. Parents have to feed their children quality healthy whole foods. Young children are very impressionable and will follow as we lead.  So, we must teach children healthy habits. So, next time you are with your niece, nephew, brother, sister, daughter or son…be the one to set a good example of health.

Obesity tops hunger as global health crisis – IFT.org.

Oh, and to top it all off this mornings news show featured a fast food company that has put out an edible wrapper for their hamburgers.  This is for the folks that are so hungry for that burger they just can’t take the time to unwrap it.  Seriously?!


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