Protect your Head

It was a great family day ! The weather was perfect so we took at trip out to the mountains to play in the snow!  My little girl loves to go sledding so we did a bit on a pretty good sized hill. It was a little steep and the snow was packed down…the perfect combination for going fast.  Only problem were the trees.  Those darn things always seem to get in the way. Ha  I was trying to stay out of the sledders path when a man came flying towards me!  Yikes! I’m petite so, I didn’t know if I should move to try to keep him from crashing into the tree. I did try to stop him but he was going way to fast, the tree stopped him.  Thankfully, he was alright but his “crash” really made me happy that my kids have never fuss about wearing a helmet.  Hopefully, I have preached safety enough that they will remember when they are teens 🙂

Use Your Head

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Please remember safety first and wear a helmet 🙂

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