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We went ‚ÄúPrice is Right‚ÄĚ style on this one. Here‚Äôs the game: we give you two food options, and you have to tell us which is healthier. Make sure to read the question carefully, because we threw a few nutritional wildcards in there. Give it a shot, check your answers below, and see if you‚Äôre a nutritional wiz!

Round 1) Hamburgers vs. Hot Dogs: Which is typically healthier?

Burger vs dog

Round 2) Pomegranate vs. Blueberries: Which has a higher content of antioxidants?

pom vs blueberry

Round 3) Corn Tortillas vs. Flour Tortillas: Which is typically healthier?

Corn vs flour tortillas

Round 4) Broccoli vs. Oranges: Which has more vitamin C?

orange vs broccoli

Round 5) Chicken Breast (skinless) vs. Turkey Breast (skinless): Which is typically healthier?

Turkey vs chicken

Round 6) Bacon vs. Pork Sausage: Which is typically healthier?

Bacon vs sausage

Round 7) Walnuts vs. Almonds: Which is typically healthier?

almonds vs walnuts


1) Hamburger: Compared to a hot dog, burgers are lower in saturated fat. They also contain a…

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