5 Tips On How To Eat Clean

Bell Peppers

Eating Clean doesn’t have to difficult. Most importantly eating Clean is not a diet it is a way of life. 😀  You simply focus on eating healthy, whole, unprocessed foods.

Clean Eating

1) Eat Whole Foods. Fresh foods are your best choice. Learn to love your produce department and take time to see the variety of foods offered. Foods sold in packages or boxes will list their ingredients so look for items that list only natural ingredients.  If a food contains any ingredient you aren’t familiar with put it back on the shelf.

2) Pick Whole Grain Foods.  Choose whole grains such as brown rice and quinoa. If you buy bread look for the first ingredient to be “Whole Wheat Flour”.  Beans and lentils are a great way to increase protein and fiber intake.

3) Eat Slower. When you eat slow you give your brain a chance to tell you that you are full. Relax, it isn’t a race…put your fork down between bites.

4) Eat on a Regular Schedule. Three main meals and two snacks a day will help keep you full and satisfied. Steady meal timing helps regulate your digestive system, blood sugar and insulin levels, and appetite.

5) Avoid Sweetened Beverages.  Save your calories for nutritious food. Drink at least Eight-8oz glasses of water a day.

Butternut Squash

I hope that you too will incorporate Clean Eating into your life .  Eat Well and Be Healthy 😀

10 Days of Real Food

Healthy Food Diet: 7 Day Clean Eating Challenge – Shape Magazine.


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