Today I Will


Today, I will be POSITIVE

Today, I will be MOTIVATED

Today, I will do something that benefits ME


20 thoughts on “Today I Will

  1. Reblogged this on love laugh sweat and commented:
    I really like this. I’m often overwhelmed with a huge to-do list but I seem to get nothing done. One small step at a time is always the best bet! Today I got my workout in. That’s what I did for me. Thanks to little Leo for resting nicely on the couch while I jump squatted and jump lunged away in the other room! Haha…

  2. Commenting is tricky via iPhone. I wanted to say that my husband’s a big fan of tackling problems and challenges in manageable chunks. I’m inclined to agree. Any obstacle/task is doable at our own pace and patting ourselves on the back for achievements, no matter how small is a good thing.

    • 😀 That’s what I need…manageable chunks. I start with long list, flip between tasks and end up with a long list of partially completed tasks. Thanks!

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